What better way to start our challenge feature with one which encapsulates our brand? 

A simple game of headers and volleys…well, kind of.

So, here are some simple guidelines to follow for this challenge:

1. Be prepared to film yourself (or a willing victim) perform a header and a volley. 

2. Find a random location to film (whilst following the social distancing rules).

3. You need to ask someone else to film you, and then ask them to find three random objects from your house or garden (which aren’t going to kill you if you headed or volleyed them – disclaimer) but tell them to hide said items and not tell you what they are. It may be good to choose someone who doesn’t have a life insurance policy out on you.

4. Once you have started filming, ask your filming partner to throw said random items towards you, so that you can initially header them. It may be wise, or funny, for the items to get more difficult to header from first to last.

5. Upon receiving said items thrown at you, you must, in one foul, unceremonious movement, header…and then volley them as best you can. Keep filming until you have completed the challenge and / or injured yourself.

Send your funniest/worst/most life-changing film entries to us at info@headersandvolleys.co.uk

Do your worst.

Watch Paul make a twat of himself and see an example of this week’s challenge here https://www.facebook.com/headersandvolleysuk/videos/1671612906310473/

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