The Bucket List, part seven

7. International Football Fever

Welcome to the Headers & Volleys Bucket List. World football is a big place and sometimes there seems almost too much to see. In this series we will be looking at the top things to see and do, before you pop your clogs. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below, or contact us here and we will feature the best entries on the site.

Ryan Leverton of continues his journey through his own Bucket List. In today’s penultimate instalment, Ryan looks at the biggest global football competition, the World Cup.

Headers & Volleys Bucket List: Brazil and Portugal fans at World Cup 2010

My penultimate entry is predictably the World Cup.  I was going to suggest a World Cup final but ultimately the chance of your chosen country (especially if it’s England) reaching one is a forlorn hope and I want the choices to be something everyone can access in their lifetime, if they wish.  Of course you could spend a fortune to go to a World Cup and pay even more for a final ticket but unless your country are present in the final it may seem like a damp squib.  So my choice is to go to the World Cup, experience the fun, frivolities and spirit of football in its purest form. 

I must personally admit that this is one thing on my list which I am yet to experience.  Friends of mine went to Germany and South Africa and their feedback was that the experience is difficult to explain, describe or comprehend.  Mixed emotions of euphoria, ecstasy and despair intertwined with compassion between rival supporters and the enviable generosity from the host nations locals mean this is a spectacle not to be missed. 

It needs little more build up than if you love football, you must attend a world cup.  Plan a route, hope your team doesn’t slip up in the group or have Robert Green in goal, or both.  Travel round the country, take in everything it has to offer, probably drink too much, definitely spend too much but ultimately have the time of your life, and maybe, just maybe, the one you go to is the one when where your team lifts the FIFA World Cup trophy. 

I’m already planning my trip to Brazil in 2014 – Two birds, one stone!

Coming up in the final instalment of this part of the Bucket List: Ryan walks us through Europe’s Premier club competition, in ‘These are the Champions de de de de de deeeee…’.

Click here to see the previous articles in the series and get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

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